Caring for Your Pet After Surgery Prepared by All Creatures Animal Hospital

For many years, All Creatures Animal Hospital has fulfilled the veterinary needs of residents in the Murrieta, California area. In addition to regular checkups and vaccination record maintenance, All Creatures Animal Hospital possesses a wealth of experience in performing surgery on household pets. Like humans, pets require a period of recovery in after all types of surgery. Here is a short list of tips to help pet owners keep their pets healthy after a surgical procedure.


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Keep an eye out for abnormal recovery: In the hours and days immediately following surgery, pets will experience a certain decrease in energy. However, it is important to look out for symptoms such as bleeding from the incision, unusual body temperature, vomiting, labored breathing, lethargy or depression, shivering, and loss of appetite. If you see any of these signs, call the veterinarian immediately.


Adhere to modified feeding guidelines: Because surgery can temporarily alter a pet’s feeding schedule, you should offer a normal serving of food and water every two hours. In younger pets, provide a half serving of food and water as soon as you get home from the vet’s office. Some animals may not eat on the first night home from surgery, but this is normal. If your pet cannot keep food down, offer them only a small amount of water at first. If your pet continues vomiting or begins to develop a case of diarrhea, call your veterinarian for further guidance.


Monitor the surgery site: In most cases, there should be no stitches in areas other than the site of the surgery. If possible, check the surgery site every day to make sure it is healing properly. Keep an eye out for discoloration, bad odors, and bumps.


Keep your pet away from other animals: It is particularly important to keep neutered male pets away from female pets that have not yet been spayed. Males can still impregnate females up to a month after the completion of the surgery.


Restrict activity: In general, you should prevent your pet from jumping and playing for three to seven days after the surgery. Keep your pet in a small room or appropriately sized kennel and take the animal on short walks to use the bathroom.

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